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BIO-Peptide (BIO Peptide) is an innovative pharmaceutical company specializing in the manufacture and development of hormone-based products (API) and bio peptides.

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BIO-Peptide / peptide hormones / proteohormones are lipidunlösliche / lipophobic (= fettunlösliche) hormones, which have a protein structure,
exist therefore from affiliated and amino acids caused by protein biosynthesis. Some Biopeptide are therefore special proteins exert hormone functions
Thus, messenger functions, which cause certain regulations in the human body. Most of the species are hormone proteohormones / BIO-Peptide.

There are native and synthetic proteohormones, that they are formed naturally in the human body, but can be artificially produced and administered.
Proteohormones be used in human and veterinary medicine for influencing various functions in organisms.

BIO-Peptide / steroid hormones:

As steroid hormones are the proteohormones a Biomolekülgruppe. The term proteohormone refers to the structural classification of hormones.
Proteohormones are protein molecules and thus differ structurally from the ring molecules with steroid structure, the eicosanoids and the biogenic amines
(Such as catecholamines. Adrenaline).
chemically classified the proteohormones can also be distinguished from the amino acid derivatives, isoprene derivatives, steroid hormones and fatty acid derivatives.

BIO-Peptide / peptide hormones:

Peptide hormones are proteohormones but contain fewer amino acids and peptides are chemically understood: by peptide bonds linked amino acids.
Peptides are short-chain proteins. If less than 10 amino acids linked in a chain, one speaks of oligopeptides.
If 10 to 100 amino acids are chained together, one speaks of polypeptides. If more than 100 amino acids are linked, this is called a protein.
However, polypeptides and proteins, but also to understand as a generic term.

One can divide the peptide hormones even after the molecular weight. Insulin and somatotropin, both hormones with polypeptide structure have a higher molecular weight
as, for example, ACTH, a peptide hormone with a lower molecular weight. Peptide hormones can be constructed of one or more amino acid chains. LH and FSH for
Example consist unlike ACTH of two peptide chains. The two chains are referred to as α- and β-subunit.

Like all proteins, the peptide hormones in vivo are synthesized by protein synthesis.

BIO-Peptide / doping:

Proteomics and peptide hormones are out in the doping list since 1989th Specifically, EPO (blood doping), CG (testosterone production in men), HGH (growth)
or ACTH are on the rolls.