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Growth hormone (Human Growth Hormone – in short HGH) is a hormone that gets released in the pituitary gland (hypophysis). HGH is responsible for cell growth and cell reproduction in the human body.

Growth Hormone – HGH – increase protein synthesis. With this, new protein structures are formed in the body. This leads inter alia to an increase in muscle mass – as the muscles mainly consists of proteins! Amino acids in the human body get combined into proteins (protein synthesis) – the rate of protein synthesis, however, is a limited factor in weight training / bodybuilding. Growth hormones increase precisely this rate of protein synthesis and give you with the same amount of training significantly better results. Massive mass gains and increase of muscles are the desired effects of using HGH (human growth hormone)! On you can, without prescription, conveniently and safely, buy growth hormones online. In our online shop its possible to buy growth hormones online – listed below!

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Growth hormones increase the body’s ability – to store calcium which is ingested throuh food – in the bone tissue. This strengthens the skeletal system – which makes the body less sensitive to accidents / falls or fractures. Growth hormones are used for effective anti-aging treatment!
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